Are you sparking joy and making the world a more magical place?

We’re talking real well-being across every facet of this incredible life. Solopreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, and the new generation of corporate giants. The people encouraging others to live better and by design–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Business evolution at its best.

You’ve got stellar ideas and a fire in your belly that won’t allow you to stand still. And you need like-minded people to join your army and get shit done. Message received, loud and clear.

Hi, we’re Might & Mettle. We guide individuals and organizations into a deeper understanding of who they are by doing impactful work together and offering ongoing marketing support and training. You already have the magic. We bring it to the surface, clarify your message, and show you how to shine brighter than ever before. It’s simpler than you can imagine.

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Aligning who you are with what you want to cultivate is what branding is really about. Clarifying messaging and visuals. Managing your business’ perception.


How you express your business narrative influences the connections you make. Invest in your identity and infuse intentionality throughout your marketing.


We’re not just here to help, we’re here to support. Master the art of digital marketing with 1:1 guidance, training programs, and empowering resources.

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Anchoring the belief in financial wellness.

A breath of fresh air for the banking industry! Might & Mettle recently partnered with BayPort Credit Union to reinvigorate their traditional brand and build a vibrant new website.

BayPort website


Website therapy

Feeling like your website is no longer serving you? Is it outdated, under-performing, or lackluster? Maybe you sense something’s amiss and aren’t even sure what it is. You’d love a brand spanking new website but it’s not in the budget at the moment. We got you.

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Digital intervention

Learn how to unify your brand identity and all your digital marketing (and restore your sanity in the process). Designed especially for solopreneurs, small teams, and individuals who want a structured understanding of digital marketing, this 12-step program will address critical areas like email list building, social media, website optimization, and more.

enrollment opens soon!