Might & Mettle was born of the reality that it takes an awe-inspiring amount of fortitude and grit to build a business in this world.

Around every turn, there’s a new “opportunity” placed in your path (we call these “obstacles” on our less positive days, haha). The universe tests what you and your business are made of. If you can continually adapt to constant change, you can survive and thrive. And, to do that, you’re going to need command over two key forces:


Great resolve, strength, and will power. You decide what you’re going to create and focus your intention to bring it into being. It might’ve been done, but not your way. Or, maybe you’re starting from scratch. Either way, you gather the energy to carve out your own path.


This is your ability to cope well with difficulties or face demanding situations in a spirited and resilient way. Do you give up when it gets hard? Or, are you more hell bent to bring about the outcome you desire? It’s an ongoing test you choose to gracefully embrace.

We believe in marketing that inspires us, delights us, and brings us something we truly want.

This ideal guided us in putting together our own methodology for co-creating conscious brands or re-structuring existing ones.


Why do you exist? What are your highest hopes? Looking past the mechanics of our businesses uncovers an innate seed of truth to guide us in our endeavors.


You already have what you need to be successful. Output is the issue–pieces put together in a way that’s discombobulated. Here’s where we address all that’s muddied and lackluster, define value, and re-position.


Time for our insights to take form. Strategic direction and creative execution weave a supporting story with the archetypes embodied by your brand, resulting in a cohesive marketing opportunity.


The work is never truly finished, we just agree when to stop. Keep your momentum, measure progress, pivot, and implement new ideas. We won’t leave you hanging.

We champion the idea that marketing doesn’t have to be manipulative or messy.

Before Might & Mettle, many of us had become disillusioned with the state of the agency world. There was a lot of “it’s just a [insert marketing vehicle here]; get it done,” with little to no regard for what was actually being created–a perception of a brand with a precarious relationship to its audience that must continually evolve.

Yes, make money. And, the moment you treat your business as only a way to keep the cash flowing, you’re obstructing real connection and authenticity–and we can all sense that type of energy a mile away. No one likes to be pitched, taken advantage of, or used. Employing tactics that speak to fear-based energies may work in an immediate sense, but it doesn’t solve the root problem you turned to marketing to solve in the first place.

See, marketing isn’t a logo, a flyer, or a website, it’s a relationship. One built through a series of conversations. With people. These conversations are what slowly impact your brand over time–positively, negatively, or indifferently (which is the worst case). And, not only do the conversations continue, but they deepen the more exposure people have to your business. Deeper connection fosters brand loyalty and passion for a cause. Without it, your business will eventually shrivel and die–much like a neglected friendship. We’re not in the habit of neglecting our friends around here.

We also know that everyone’s busy doing their own thing from time to time. You don’t have to bombard people like the dog barking all night long in case the darkness forgets he’s present. Good friends enjoy keeping in touch and look forward to your messages. They’re stoked to get together and don’t hesitate to show up on your doorstep when they need you. It’s a lot easier to “market” when you shift your mindset to a friendlier one.

The successful marketer is marketing with us and for us.



So, what are you made of?

If we’re speaking your language and you believe in a better way to do business, you must be our kind of people. Let’s talk about where you’re going. No doubt it’s BIG.

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