Might & Mettle was born of the reality that it takes an awe-inspiring amount of fortitude and grit to build a business in this world.

Around every twist, there’s a new obstacle opportunity placed in your path. The universe wants to show you what you & your business are made of. If you’re willing to keep adapting to change, you’ll do more than surviveyou’ll thrive. Open to possibilities shinier than you planned. Stepping into flow begins by gaining command over two critical creationary forces:



Great resolve, strength, and willpower. What do you want to create? Decide and focus your intention to manifest it. Maybe you’re starting from scratch. Maybe it’s been done before, but not your way. No matter. Gather your energy, protect it, and blaze the trail.


Do you cope well with difficulty? Do you face demanding situations in a spirited and resilient way? Do you give up when it gets hard? Or, do you become hell bent on birthing your desired outcome? Be forged in the fire of the lessons embraced with grace & gratitude.

this is why Might & Mettle was founded…

After spending close to 20 years in design and digital strategy, Kristi Dunlap decided she wanted to work with more passionate people and do more of the work she’s passionate about.

Kristi Ann Dunlap
photo by Stellar Exposures

“the successful marketer is marketing with us & for us.”

–Seth Godin

Kristi’s background is teeming with experience in branding & design, front-end development, UI/UX, SEO & marketing, writing & publishing, business operations, project management, event planning, course development, and more.

Before launching Might & Mettle, she transitioned boutique branding studio Works Progress Design into a full-service digital powerhouse serving the fintech industry, nonprofits, and New York Times bestselling authors. Prior, she teamed up with a local startup specializing in agile app development and an accredited association management company serving real estate & government organizations and tech conferences. She’s also had the honor of serving as VP & President of AIGA Hampton Roads, and taught seminars at TCC’s Workforce Development Center & the Academy for NonProfit Excellence.


So, what are you made of?

If I’m speaking your language and you believe in a better way to do business, you must be my kind of people. Let’s talk about where you’re headed. I’m sure it’s BIG!

Show me your spirit