Might & Mettle works with people and businesses cultivating good will.

This good will becomes part of a collective field–a group waiting to burst forward with unparalleled enthusiasm to rally spirits and boost confidence. And, when you feel encouraged, it is easy to encourage others. These people are the encouragers. They operate within a field of abundance and positivity. They encourage people to live better and be better in every aspect–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Pay It For Her

Inspired by women who have persisted in spite of adversity, Pay It For Her is a newly birthed non-profit organization founded to promote a community of care and support for women experiencing hardships by paying forward small boosts and critical needs to encourage women’s forward momentum as they power through tough times.

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Pay It For Her nonprofit website

Mighty names you might recognize...

These brands are leaving their mark. They handle business while offering a helping hand. Nonprofits, NY Times bestselling authors, Fortune 100 companies. All working together to make the world better. Progress can seem slow but it’s here, measurable, and moving.

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Are you an encourager?

The stronger our collective field, the more encouragement is available. This energy has the power to reach into another person’s life and turn desperation into determination. A new cycle of Might & Mettle. It’s a force worth cultivating in our world.

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